22 Best Funko Pop Figures to Collect 2017

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We searched different eCommerce website to give you the most highest rating and best selling Funko Pop. We also checked its availability here in our country to make sure that you can land them in your home or office.

Funko Company manufactures Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures – miniature stylized figurines made at Everett Washington, USA. Most identifiable from each of the figurines disproportianate head-to-body ratio as well as being able to bobble their heads, which is where the word Bobble-head came from.

The figurines have garnered a large following, ongoing for six strong years. The people who buy these figurines often do so for the purpose of collecting them, as they are mostly for display, although the word “action figure” is included in their title.

The Funko Company’s unique brand of style give them a place in a world full of plastic figurines. The figures itself are usually four inches in height, featuring notable fictional characters of popular TV series, video games, comic books, etc.

Just like any other collectible item, Funko Pops have a value attached to them that depends on their market availability in a specific region and amount of collectors that sought after them.

Demand may vary depending on the character’s popularity.

Oftentimes, conventions have exclusive Pop! Figurines for a limited time, usually these models are not distributed to retail store since they were exclusive for a certain region and time.

If you’re asking about the difference between PVC and Vinyl, don’t worry about the term because its the same. PVC is defined as Polyvinyl Chloride.

To get started, check out the list below for Best Funko Pop Toys that you can buy here in the Philippines.

22. Anna of Frozen

Funk Pop Figure - Anna of Frozen

Disney’s 2013 animated movie Frozen and its adorable protagonist finally comes at your home and workplace!

She is just as you see in the picture above. My main complaint is that she should have been included with stand made of plastic to support her as she doesn’t stand by herself easily, and I think Anna’s shoes could be made better with more details.

However, I would argue that, compared to my previous purchase of Vinyl Minecraft Figurines of which two broke, Anna is a lot more durable.

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21. Freddy Krueger of A Nightmare on Elm Street

Funko Pop Figure - Freddy Krueger of A Nightmare on Elm Street

Scary looking adorable.

Your favorite clawed-nightmare is now available as a fun-size figure!

The details on his face are eerily creepy, so much that they give me goosebumps that makes me stare away for a moment.

I mostly store my Funko Pop! Figurines in their original boxes, although Freddy Krueger seems sturdy to be displayed outside for everyone to see.


20. Pennywise of IT The Movie

Funko Pop Toy - Pennywise of IT The Movie

Arguably the scariest of all clowns in the cinema’s historic line of horror movies.

The killer clown of Stephen King fame arrives in with his famous set of sharp teeth, angled eyebrows, and horrific costume.

The figurine arrived in good packaging and is just what you see exactly pictured above. As for the material, it’s mostly made of plastic and feels softer compared to other Pop! Figurines.

Nevertheless, it’s a great addition to an already fantastic line of figurines.


19. Kylo Ren of Star Wars Episode 7

Funko Pop Toy - Kylo Ren of Star Wars Episode 7 with mask and red sword

The self-proclaimed successor to Darth Vader, Kylo Ren wields an unusual light-saber as he takes control of the First Order.

The details on his face are well-made, almost as though you can feel his intenseness. There is a substantial amount of weight around his head, tilting forward ever so slight on my figure.

Despite this, I recommend this to anyone who is a Star Wars fan.


18. Power Armor of Fallout Games

Funko Pop Toy - Power Armor of Fallout Games with mask and gun

The power armor comes from a video game well-known for its role-playing game mechanics. The figure’s height is about 3 to ¾ inches tall, with a window packaging.

The figure is very well done, as you can see the details such as the fusion cells in the chamber of his or her laser rifle as well as the “damage” in the armor.

Although its limbs can’t move, the helmet is fully rotatable by 360 degrees, allowing for more dynamic poses. Able to stand on its two feet, I think it is very durable so long as you don’t drop on the ground from few feet above.


17. Severus Snape of Harry Potter

Funko Pop Toy - Severus Snape of Harry Potter with magic wand

Harry Potter’s wizard world, Hogwards character is now available for your collection.

Although you wouldn’t call Snape particularly “cute”, but as a Pop! Figurine he is adorable.

This version of Snape is modeled after Alan Rickman of the Harry Potter movies, the figure being able to imitate his image despite the lack of distinct facial features.

An important feature for most of these figurines is its ability to stand on its own without assistance. Snape is best displayed alongside Harry Potter.


16. Harry Potter

Funko Pop Toy - Harry Potter with magic wand, Hogwards school uniform and eye glass

The boy that make your world magical, with the figure being designed so well it can stand upright.

A little suggestion of mine is to lengthen his robe until they touch his shoes, but other than that, I cannot wait until I get my hands on the other collection of Harry Potter figurines!


15. Olaf of Frozen

Funko Pop Toy - Olaf of Frozen in a happy face

“Some people are worth melting for.”

Thumbs up to the Funko Company for being able to replicate his cute face in such a small figure.

The nephew of mine loves to pick Olaf up and give him hugs because as he says: “He’s Olaf and he likes warm hugs”.

For the figure itself, its heavy-duty, considering as it has been dropped a number of times before making its way on my shelf.


14. Sam of Supernatural

Booblehead - Sam of Supernatural with knife, in red jacket and blue pants

The demon and spirit hunter Sam Winchester finally comes to your house!

Looking a gift for someone? Consider giving them a Funko Pop! Vinyl figurine, it doesn’t have to be Supernatural – they offer a wide range of figurines from your favorite fictional games, shows, and movies.

Sam wields the knife of Ruby, which would have been fine but since Dean has a similar knife at hand, Dean should be equipped with a shotgun instead.


13. Toothless of How To Train Your Dragon 2

Funko Pop Toy - Toothless of How To Train Your Dragon 2. No pupil in eyes

Toothless sits right beside Hiccup on my desk at work, which I think is a pair that should be purchased simultaneously.

A distinct design in all Pop! Figurines is that they lack pupils, which would have made Toothless cuter as that is what made him adorable. Other than that, I love Toothless’ tail, the wing that broke, and his small harness.

Out of his packaging, I would consider him as durable, making him the best addition of Funko’s collection of dragons.


12. Ariel of Little Mermaid

Bobblehead Funko Pop Disney Ariel of Little Mermaid red head

Many times, I’ve spent looking for Ariel in a dress but her mermaid version is a treat to see as the one seen in the movie.

The figurine is surprisingly heavy, making it tip easily. Nonetheless, Funko Mermaid Ariel is adorable and I love how her tail sparkles!

I give recommendation for this figurine to long-time fans of the movie “The Little Mermaid”, as it gives you a whimsical feeling we call Love.


11. Smaug of Hobbit 3

Bobblehead Funko Pop Smaug of Hobbit 3

Smaug stands tall at 6 inches as a figurine and looks terrific in comparison to the size of Tiana as well as Naveen!

The small scales on the on the front side and back side of Smaug are very detailed, and the seller from where I bought it from said that for every twelve figures of Smaug, one has its eyes colored! Unfortunately, I only got the black eyes :cry:.


10. Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of The Galaxy

Funko Pop Bobblehead Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of The Galaxy

Created in 1969, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is finally given its own line of Funko Pop! Vinyl figurines alongside its movie!

Undeniably the funniest member of the group.

Anyone who loves both the movie and comic will love displaying him at your desk.

Although his body proportions are small, I love Rocket Raccoon for his cute details that goes along with my figurine of Groot

My coworkers that are not a fan of the action figures always stop to make comments about Rocket and/or touch his bobble head.


9. Elsa of Frozen

Bobblehead Funko Pop Elsa of Frozen

Elsa’s skin tone is great, a well-done paint job indeed. Her figure is full of details, such as the snowflakes on her right hand which is secured nicely and accompanied by her stunning dress.

Despite rocking ever so slightly, overall the Elsa figurine is wonderful!

Don’t believe me, I suggest you see for yourself her marvelousness!


8. Saiyan Son Goku of Dragon Ball Z

Bobblehead Funko Pop Super Saiyan Son Goku of Dragon Ball Z

As a kid, Goku was sent to the planet Earth to rule it for his own people. However, he suffers from amnesia and lost his memory of what he needs to do, including his violent Saiyan nature.

Ever since I was a child, I have always been a fan of Dragon Ball Z, so it’s no surprise that acquiring my own Super Saiyan Goku figurine is amazing!

Goku’s Super Saiyan Funko Pop! version is absolutely gorgeous, with his signature blonde hair and clothes being super similar to his anime design! Anyone who loves Dragon Ball Z must have this figurine to own it for themselves!

For me, I keep my Goku figurine next to my Funko Pop! Piccolo figurine on the laptop desk as it evenly fills the surrounding space.

Must have for any DBZ fan.


8. Dean of Supernatural

Funko Pop Toys Bobblehead Dean of Supernatural

Just as I mentioned above, Dean is from the TV show Supernatural, molded to the image of his on-screen counterpart. Adding him next to Sam and Castiel, a perfect combination by the way, gives me happiness as I really love Supernatural and want to collect all the characters available.

Imbued with a simple design and sleek figure, the details are spot-on. Dean’s body is no different from Sam’s. I mentioned before that it would be better if they differentiated the two by having Dean equip a different knife, a gun, or even his necklace he often wears in the previous seasons.


7. Darth Vader of Star Wars: Rogue One

Funko Pop Toys Bobblehead Darth Vader of Star Wars: Rogue One with red sword

A famous icon of the Star Wars franchise, it’s a real head turner as it looks amazing with Darth Vader’s signature all black clothing paired with Funko Pop’s unique design, making him a wonderful addition to your work desk. Darth Vader’s figurine comes in a colorful window packaging.

His stand is unusually thick, more so than the standard normal thin stands that a lot of Funko Pops usually comes with, making it more stable than standard-issue stands. If it’s possible I wish that all future Pop! figurines came with thick stands as well.

You can also buy the version of Darth Vader without sword.


6. Batman of DC Universe Avengers

Funko Pop Toys Bobblehead Batman of DC Universe Avengers

Batman stands vigilantly over the streets of Gotham City, ready to swoop in any moment and take down evil-doers.

Well, not this Batman, but you get the idea.

A welcome addition to any devoted fan of Batman, his head turns and is able to stand upright. I like to place this figure above, overlooking my different Batman and Robin related items, as it stares vigilantly around my room.


5. Jon Snow of Game of Thrones

Funko Pop Figurine Bobblehead Toy Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

Due to popularity of its TV series, no wonder this is one of the best sellers. Actually this is the second series of vinyl figures.

As a fan of the series, I really love my Jon Snow figure as he is really adorable at this size. He is a perfect addition to the collection of Game of Thrones memorabilia or even Jon Snow himself. For its size, the detail is amazing, I can also praise its durability and light-weightedness. Funko Pop! Figures are notable for their huge heads that prevents tilting or falling, offering great stability.


4. Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad

Funko Pop Figure Bobblehead Harley Quinn From Suicide Squad

Ever since they announced a movie adaptation of the DC comic Suicide Squad, I immediately was excited to see Harley Quinn, and you can say I am very happy with my Funko Pop! Harley Quinn figure as she is full of adorableness and her details are outstanding.

Careful observation left me very impressed. Her paint job that is given with attention to detail including the minor stuff made the figure stand out, far above my own standards.

Her body is riddled with her signature tattoos, on her check is the word “ROTTEN”, a heart symbol beneath her eye, as well as variations of her endearment to Joker such as “PUDDIN”, “I (HEART SYMBOL) PUDDIN” and “Harley +Puddin”. One thing to remember is that she comes with the thin and clear stand as she has small feet that are unable to keep her from falling. That aside, Harley Quinn is one of the better purchases I have recently made.


3. Deadpool of Marvel The Avengers

Funko Pop Toys Bobblehead Deadpool from Marvel The Avengers

The Funko Pop! line of Deadpool’s vinyl figures give various designs, that even includes exclusive figures of Deadpool, although these turned out to be just different variations of Deadpool’s main figure, wielding his signature katanas and gun.

Funko’s line of Vinyl Pops is the perfect gift for any avid collector, with no exception to the Merc with the Mouth, as he looks awesome for display at your house or office space.


2. Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy

Funko Pop Toy Bobblehead Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy

At a glance, you can already tell that Groot’s Funko Pop figure is not exactly the bobble head that is featured in most Pop! figurines. Groot’s figure is painted with care, he is my mother’s favorite member of the crew, so much that she has it on display for everyone to look at!


1. Dancing Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy

Funko Pop Toys Dancing Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy

Make no mistake, Baby Groot is cuter than what you see in the picture. I love looking at this cute little guy!

Baby Groot includes a bobble-head that shows similar movement as well as groove to the one you see in the movie! Although I immediately realized it doesn’t have reaction to sound the way he does in the movie, and is smaller in comparison to several Funko Pop Toys. However, the attention to detail and its dynamic movement is offered in a reasonable price for what you get.


These are just some of the most popular and highest rating Funko POP!s on the market today.

First and foremost, collect what you love and enjoy!

Bookmark and share this post because we will continuously research and include additional Funko Pop model in this post.


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