Top 10 Alternatives To MetroDeal In Finding Best Deals

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Tired of getting endless traffic and pricey products in mall? Have you experience the impulsive buying whenever you roam around? Limited vouchers and tickets for some leisure places? I got the right deals for you aside from well-known MetroDeal.

Online products from different deal websites have prices cool for your budget. Deals doesn’t offer just products, they also offer good services such as hotel reservation, spa, entertainments, and travels with higher discounts. Probably, it will save you money more than you expected.

I know that there are numerous people like you who are shopaholic and searching for refreshments after tiring week.  I am here to help you to expand your knowledge with online deals to have your choices without getting your money blown away. There are great Deals you can find in the internet for your choices. These are the Deals’ hierarchy based on the website’s monthly visitors.

10. DealsDiba

Dealsdiba Home Page

Monthly Visitors: 328
Indexed Pages: 576
Facebook Likes: 64,289
Product Categories: Apparel, Accessories, Novelty, Baby Corner

Dealsdiba has unique deals offered in their website. The way they vary from other Deal Sites is on how they specialized in limited and distinctive products to other countries. As you take a look on the deals they offered, you can see high-quality and imported products.

Prices vary from time to time just like other Deal Sites. They also have variety of payment methods the customers can use to transact with DealsDiba’s website – which is – the commonly used for payment transactions, PayPal, MasterCard, credit card, and over-the-counter.

9. MyDeluxeCity

MyDeluxeCity Home Page

Monthly Visitors: 427
Indexed Pages: 384
Facebook Likes: 1,628
Product Categories: Beauty & Pretty, Slimming & Sexy, Healthy Well Being, Gadgets & Stuff, Food & Dining, Luxury & Deluxe

“The best luxury deluxe deals shopping city.”

Here is another website that offers discounted products and deals. Their office is located at 2/F 220-B Wilson Street, San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1500. The common and mostly advertised deals in MyDeluxeCity are beauty products. So, if you are planning to buy good-quality beauty product, you can put it on your choices.

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8. DealAmigos

DealAmigos Home Page Screenshots

Monthly Visitors: 905
Indexed Pages: 67
Facebook Likes: 26,435
Product Categories: Food & Dining, Beauty & Wellness, Hotel & Travel, Items & Gadgets, Activities & Events

DealAmigos already sold more than 45, 000 vouchers for over 200 merchants. Most of the deals posted in their website just range from 20 to 30 focusing in Beauty and Wellness. In their transactions, they have variety of payment options: PayPal, DragonPay, Megalink, GCash, Western Union, Cebuana Lhuiller, and LBC Remittance Center.

7. DealSPOT

DealSpot Home Page Screenshots

Monthly Visitors: 2,200
Indexed Pages: 8,440
Facebook Likes: 45,820
Product Categories: Grocery and Chocolates, Fashion & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Dining, Leisure & Event, Fun & Entertainment, Gadget & Accessories, Home & Décor, Books, Learning and Seminars

“We spot the finest deals for you.” is one of the fastest group-buying websites that is eye-catching to the buyers. They offer the best discounts, promos, give away, and free stuffs. As you scroll in DealSPOT page, you’ll see great deals you can easily avail. They offer variety of deals accessible for whatever group you belong – young, old, or in the middle – whatever it is, they have the best deals for you.

They also have good connections to their merchants, so they can give suggestion to prices and products to be sold.  Nothing else can make navigation easier than a web page with straightforward information. The website´s hotline service is also impressive. You can see the contact details at the bottom if you have some concerns to talk about.

6. eBay Deals

eBay Deals Home Page Screenshots

Monthly Visitors: 11,136
Facebook Likes: 1,006,913
Product Categories:  Hangbags, Make Up, Bath & Body, Fragrance, Watches, Baby Essentials, Kitchen Essentials, Electronics

E-bay Deals is one of the trusted Deals around different countries, even here in the Philippines. There are lots of choices in their category deals, composed of hangbags, make-up, bath and body, fragrance, watches, and baby essentials. Many of their products are discounted and just right for your budget.

E-bay is one of the top contenders in the local buying market. Looking through the offers of their website, we’ll see how competitive to Deal Site market. In terms of being legit, their merchants are being verified before turning them to their sites. Every day, there are lots of discounted deals from Ebay members.

5. SureDeal

SureDeal Home Page Screenshots

Monthly Visitors: 13,100
Indexed Pages: 111,000
Facebook Likes: 1,249
Product Categories: Shopping & Products, Travel & Getaways, Restaurant, Health & Beauty, Learning & Services, Activities, Others

 “All Deals in One Place!”

Suredeal was partnered with different deal sites, merchandise, and businesses. They are advertising other deal sites free of charge to give you different choices of deals. In Suredeal, you can find vouchers, coupons, and discounts all in one place. The purpose of this website is to bring together the merchandisers and deals together. It is a good website if you want to choose products from different merchandisers.

4. Tcat

TCat Home Page Screenshots

Monthly Visitors: 31,603
Indexed Pages: 6,160
Facebook Likes: 81,609
Product Categories: Clothes, Fashion Accessories, Beauty & Health, Sports & Leisure, Kids, Pet, Kitchen, Living, Electronics, Hotel, Resort, Package Tour, International Tour

Tcat is one of the thriftiest deals you could find online. This website was founded on October 2011 and officially launched in the Philippines on the 9th day of July 2011. You can also find Tcat Philippines offline at SoOne Incorporation, 10th Floor Pacific Star Building, Makati Avenue, corner Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila.

When looking for best deals, we are asking for others’ opinions and suggestions. Tcat have a good reputation based on the good reviews from Tcat customers.

TCAT Philippines makes a wise decision when choosing their merchants. Behind the great deals of this website, comes a group of merchants who are trustworthy, dedicated, and passionate to give the best service to their customers.

Social media is a good place to advertise. Currently, TCAT Philippines Facebook page has 81,609 likes that gains better connection to Facebook users.

The main objective of TCAT is to give best services that won’t hurt your budget. As you visit their website, you will see great deals and good quality products that are just right for you! Offering a good number of cool discounts on products including a 99 pesos & below special promo with one-time delivery fee. The website also offers travel deals and hotel discounts. Super money-saving deals!

3. CashCashPinoy

Cash Cash Pinoy Home Page Screenshots

Monthly Visitors: 126,471
Indexed Pages: 44,300
Facebook Likes: 686,570
Product Categories: Fashion, Home & Kids, Electronics, Beauty, Travel, Dining, Lifestyle

Cashcashpinoy is Philippine-based website. They sell discounted products, services, and travel packages vouchers. It is now located at Makati, Philippines. The founders of this websites are Frederic Levy, Sebastian Caudron, Glecy Lopez-Go, and Laurent Goirand. These dedicated and hardworking founders are the reason why cashcashpinoy made it one of the top.

With cashcashpinoy, you can save up to 95%! Cashcashpinoy team assures their customers of high quality products and services they offer.

They also helps the local economy to benefit from encouraging Filipinos to buy local products from their website. CashCashPinoy became one of the Flash Sales pioneer at SEA Market in 2010. Every month, they are launching more than 300 Top Brand Sale Events every month at up to 90% OFF only available to CCP members! In their site, there are more than 3,000 deals the customers can choose from.

2. Trend N’ Deals

TrendsnDeals Home Page Screenshots

Monthly Visitors: 129,080
Indexed Pages: 18,900
Facebook Likes: 526,009
Product Categories: Gadgets, Electronics, Home & Living, Fashion, Travel & Leisure, Food & Dining, Under 500

“Great finds for every penny.”

Trends and Deals is the Philippine’s fastest-growing Group Buying website that features the most sought after deals from gadgets, top restaurants, fashion, spa, and flights. Their Facebook page now has more than half million likes, and connecting more with people. It is the best daily deal site due to its affordable prices and good-quality products.

Their products already have high discounts, but with TrendsNDeals’ membership card, you’ll have another 5% discount for every desired items. They are also highly responsive to their customers’ query, so you’ll expect response within 24 hours. They offer bundle of deals and products with good discounts.

Each month, they are conducting fun contests. In some purchases, you’ll get some free gifts in return. You can also decide to buy their gift certificates. Tons of choices you could get in TrendsNDeals – the reason why people love them. What makes them one of the top is the good feedbacks from their satisfied customers.

1. DealGrocer

DealGrocer Home Page Screenshots

Monthly Visitors: 163,284
Indexed Pages: 1,830
Facebook Likes: 273,885
Product Categories: Getaways, Beauty & Fitness, Dining, Hotels, Experiences

“DealGrocer was inspired to prepare good services for people.”

This website is the number one in our list. They offer top resorts, hotels, restaurants, fitness and other things to do, on sale.  What makes them one of the top? They give time in extensive research before offering deals. They make sure that the deals they offer is good quality and price that goes with your budget.

DealGrocers focused their deal offers in Travels, Hotels, and Experiences. We are now living in fascinating times where traveling is trendier with people. With all the choices for travelling, DealGrocers prepared good services of any awesome places for travel.

When weekend strikes, employers want to relax for a little while and put down all the stress. That is why DealGrocers was inspired to give the best services in Beauty and Fitness Services. DealGrocers’s customers give quite good feedback for ecstatic experience they had.


These websites have one common denominator, and that is to indulge buyers with what they all deserve – the freedom to buy most of what we want without hurting the budget. All you have to do is to sit back, choose your favorite Deal Sites, look for products you need, pay through online transactions, and wait for your product to be delivered at the given address.

Some Deal Sites mentioned above are well-known and veterans when it comes in purchasing deals online while the other sites are just newbie. Based on the review, and researches, the sites mentioned were verified and safe to use for transactions. Aside from these websites, there are still lots of unmentioned Deal Sites that needs to be acknowledged but for now, you can have your choices from these.

Shoppers, are you ready for online adventures? Isn’t it thrilling to find good deals without hurting your budget at all? What is your favorite site among all of them? Let me know your thoughts.

Start your online adventures now, and get indulged with the shopper-friendly online deals!

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