Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in the Philippines

International Direct Selling
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Networking, Multi Level Marketing, Direct Selling these are the most common term we hear when we talk about this kind of business. Some are afraid, some are skeptical and some experience the real gain and wealth when they become member.

Regardless of what you believe the real secret to these kind of business is the power of “leverage”. The power of a team working together towards common goal.

Most of all the openness to learn, to become much better each and every day.

Legal MLMs are the ones with proven track record, they have the ability to create new leaders using motivation and teaching the real strategy in making money thru sales. Legal networking are not different from traditional business they have to be recognized by the government that’s why length of business experience and track record is very important.

With the above qualification I have listed the top ten MLM companies in the Philippines so that you can asses them before you give to them your hard earned money.

I also listed their best products because there are times that you only wanted to use the product due to effectiveness and not really interested in business side such as recruiting new members.


First Vita Plus Marketing Corp

First Vita Plus Home Page

A company that aims to take advantage the natural products, this company started in 2002 and is being headed by Rhodora Tactacan Tumpalan who was able to take this venture to over 5 other countries.

First Vita Plus products are composed and concentrated by 5 herbs that are naturally found in the Philippines.

  1. Malunggay or Moringa Oleifera
  2. Dahon Ng Sili or Capsicum Frutescens
  3. Saluyot or Corchorus Olitorius
  4. Uray or Amaranthus Spinosus
  5. Talbos Ng Kamote or Ipomoea Batatas

Top 6 Best Selling Products of First Vita Plus

After more than 15 years of operation, First Vita Plus have created more than 32 different products. They also expanded their product line from health care to skin and beauty products.

  1. Dalandan
  2. Melon
  3. Guyabano
  4. Guyabano Gold
  5. Fruits & Veggies w/ Mangosteen
  6. Health Pack Lite

Members Benefits

  1. 25% discount on all products. These discounts can be easily turn to profit when you sell the products
  2. Personalized e-Commerce store
  3. Commission in every sales of First Vita Plus Power Pack
  4. Commission when your downline sold First Vita Plus Power Pack
  5. Rebates in every sales of products by your 1st level, 2nd level and 3rd level downline
  6. Rev-up rebates up to 9% of 8th levels down in your sales group
  7. Override commission in every pair of memberships within your group


Royale Business Club

Royale Home Page

This is a health and wellness company started by Ricardo Castañeda in 2006. It is 100% Pinoy but is now operating in over 5 countries.

Top 23 Best Selling Products of Royale

Since 2006 the company continuously creating its innovative products, and now they have 43 products in different categories such as health, premium care, beauty and home care.

  1. Choco All 8
  2. Coffee Blend
  3. Collagen
  4. Diabetwatch
  5. Fastrim
  6. Fiberich
  7. Grapeseed Extract
  8. L-Gluta Power
  9. Pinkish Glow
  10. Performax
  11. Prime
  12. Richarge
  13. Riqall
  14. Royale C
  15. Spirulina
  16. Bull Extreme
  17. Bath Soap
  18. Dentrin
  19. Royale Deodorant
  20. Royale Energy
  21. Blanche Toner
  22. Kojic Papaya Soap
  23. Power Klenz

Members Benefits

  1. 30% discount on all products
  2. 20% commission on every sale of your 1st level downline
  3. Aside from discounts you will also earn points on the products you buy. That points can be converted to cash
  4. 10% monthly rebates accumulated by your group
  5. Up to 50% rebates on multilevel points from the purchase of your group
  6. There are lots of privileges and benefits of becoming a member so I suggest that you attend to their business presentation



Fern Inc. Home Page

Its notable product is Fern C, the first non acidic Vitamin c. It was established by Tom Manny Tan in 2003 and is now a billion peso industry. It focuses on creating groundbreaking health and wellness products such as FERN Slim and FERN i-flex.

Top 3 Best Selling Products of Fern Inc.

  1. Fern-C Capsule
  2. Fern-C Kidz
  3. Fern-C Coffee


Frontrow Enterprises Philippines Inc.

Frontrow International Home Page

Founded in 2010 by Raymund Francisco and Sam Versoza, this company concentrates on beauty and wellness products and has gained over 5000 members in the country. It has more than 60 local and 3 international offices in United Arab Emirates.

Top 4 Best Selling Products of Frontrow

  1. Luxxe White
  2. Luxxe Slim
  3. Luxxe Protect
  4. Luxxe Renew

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Herbalife Philippines Home Page

It is a global nutrition company founded by Jim Rhon in 1980’s and has been giving to several foundations to help promote good nutrition among children. It is currently operational in over 90 countries.

Top 6 Best Selling Products of Herbalife

  1. Nutritional Shake Mix – Choco
  2. Nutritional Shake Mix – Wild Berry
  3. Nutritional Shake Mix – Cookies and Cream
  4. Herbal Aloe Concentrate
  5. Herbal Tea Concentrate
  6. Personalized Protein Powder


Amway Nutrilite Philippines

Amway Philippines Home Page

Jay Van Andel and Richard Devos wanted to start a company that caters to American health and wellness and did so in 1959 and is now established in more than 11 countries. This company that sells health and beauty products was introduced in the Philippines in 1997 and is the 26th largest private company in the US as of 2012.

Top 10 Best Selling Amway Products

  1. Meal Replacement Shake
  2. All Plant Protein Powder
  3. Nutri Fiber Blend Chewable Tablet
  4. M Boost Tablet
  5. MIYU 3in1 Whitening Cleanser
  6. SATINIQUE Extra Volume Shampoo
  7. Artistry™ Youth Xtend Enriching Cream
  8. GLISTER™ Multi-action Fluoride Toothpaste
  9. Artistry Ideal Radiance UV Protect
  10. NUTRILITE Double X


Forever Living Philippines

Forever Living Home Page

This company sells Aloe Vera-based products and has been in operation since 1978 under CEO, Rex Maughen. It changed Filipino lives in 1991 and has offices in 150 countries.

Top 12 Best Selling Forever Living Products

  1. EverShield Deodorant
  2. Aloe Fleur de Jouvence Activator
  3. Aloe Berry Nectar
  4. Aloe Moisturizing Lotion
  5. Aloe Vera Gelly
  6. Forever Freedom Orange Flavored Aloe Vera Juice
  7. Aloe EverShield Deodorant Stick
  8. Forever Kids
  9. Forever Lean
  10. Sonya Aloe Refreshing Toner
  11. Aloe Lips
  12. Aloe Propolis Cream


USANA Health Sciences

USANA Home Page

USANA, started by Microbiologist Dr. Myron Wentz, has been in International operation since 1991. It came to the Philippines in 2010 which is now its 4th Largest Market. Its ONLY manufacturing plant in the world is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and caters to over 21 countries. It has been Nutrisearch’s Editors’ Choice for four consecutive years and is the only supplements given the Albert Einstein Achievement Award for Life Sciences.

AIM Global Inc.

AIM Global Home Page

This MLM company is pure Pinoy, established by Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Engr Francis Miguel and Raymound John Asperin in 2006 and has been operating in more than 11 countries since. This business, awarded Best Compensation Plan and No. 1 MLM and Direct Selling Company by, sells beauty and wellness products.

Top 8 Best Selling AIM Global Products

  1. Burn Slim
  2. Perfect White
  3. C 24/7 Natura-Ceuticals
  4. IP 24/7 IPro-Tech
  5. Strawberry Face and Body Scrub
  6. Instant White Face and Body Lotion
  7. CareLeaf Thermal Relief
  8. Whitelight Sublingual Glutathione Spray


AVON Cosmetics Philippines

Avon Philippines Home Page

Known as The Company for Women that sells cosmetics, home care and beauty products, it has been in the Philippines for over 30 years and is now the second largest direct selling enterprise in the world.

It is NYSE listed and founded by David H. McCornell. As of 2013, its worldwide revenues amounted to USD 9.95 Billion and is currently operational in over 200 countries worldwide with Brazil as its largest market.

Top 7 Best Selling Products of Avon

Avon Cosmetics continued its market domination, with 35% market share in 2016. Avon is known for women’s product but as they creating and launching new products in the market their products is now appealing to men as their new target customers.

  1. Sweet Honesty
  2. Imari Eau de Toilette
  3. Skin So Soft Collagen Protector Complex
  4. Intense Spark Fragrance Mist for Men
  5. Femme Eau De Parfum
  6. Imari Elixir Eau de Toilette
  7. Simply Pretty Shiny Liquid Lip Gloss

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