Top 16 Alternatives to OLX for Free Buying and Selling

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The Internet has allowed us to reach out to millions of people without having to build our own brick-and-mortar business. The problem is that there is a proliferation of buy and sell websites out there and it becomes a daunting task to select which one is the best. The truth is that the best will be decided by the seller alone. What we have done here is to show you the top advertising sites based on popularity, which means more potential buyers for you.


This site offers free ad posting but it does not seem like there is a lot of effort put into it. The site’s design is very basic and it looks like the site was built out of free software. The site’s difference with OLX is that it has options to click on specific key cities in Metro Manila. The site does not look professionally done because at the bottom of the page, several boxes have the word “asdasdad” as a hyperlink. This seems to have been randomly typed by the web designer.



This site looks like an advertisement section taken out of a news paper. The ads are in square boxes, all in even sizes, that provide a small thumbnail of the product and a short description. Its main difference with OLX is you can post job ads. It also charges PHP500 for premium ads, which allows sellers to post advertisements targeted to specific audiences.


Right at the get go, this site needs some proofreading because a category was misspelled. The site says “Job Vanacies” instead of Job Vacancies”. Featured listings are cheaper than other sits because this one charges only $10 per month. What makes this different from OLX is that it allows you to search based on popularity or just random searches. For aesthetic purposes, the site has a window that shows products rolling, like a rotating product display. However, it is not really necessary since there is a search box that allows users to conduct their own search.

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Sukitrade is an ecommerce site dedicated to merchants who need suppliers from fruits to seeds to vegetables and many more. The site is free to use but suppliers (or sellers) pay a fee which is undisclosed until you become a member. Merchants can search for specific raw materials that they will buy in bulk and the suppliers will deliver the goods as agreed between the two. This is a specialty site compared to OLX in which you can post second hand goods.


MyBenta works like your usual ecommerce site in which sellers post free advertisements of their products and services. Its battle cry is FREE FOREVER. Membership is also free. What MyBenta advocates is that listing ads online should be free with no limit, unlike OLX which charges extra once you have reached the maximum number of ads.


Shopinas is a 5-year old e-commerce site that offers sellers a way to customize their own store. The difference from OLX is that its main shipping option is Air21 because this site is owned by this shipping company. Sellers are offered to use the site’s secure payment gateway which guarantees payment.


Considered as Asia’s largest advertising site, this site does not only allow sellers to post products but unlike OLX, it also allows employers to post job opportunities. The downside here is that the site seems to have undertaken all types of businesses into consideration instead of focusing on a specific niche market.


This site, unlike OLX, allows sellers to customize their stores to give it the look and feel they want with no extra cost. The site is a combined grocery store, department store, and gadget store. Pretty much, everything can be sold here with the exception of adult and illegal items and services.


This site also offers free advertisements for sellers. The downside on this site is that they, the owners, strongly discourage the use of Western Union and other similar merchants that process money transfer. Some sellers are hesitant to provide their bank information and do not want to use inline payment processors like PayPal and only want to transact via Western Union so this is not a good choice for this type of sellers. OLX does not deter people from using any payment method.


A fairly newcomer in the game, this site offers free advertising for sellers for all sorts of products, from gadgets to vehicles to real estate. Perhaps what really sets this site apart is it allows sellers to post animals for sale, which is very similar to OLX.


This site offers several payment portals, which makes it easy for sellers to receive their payments. These payment portals also allow sellers to improve their sales potential because many buyers are picky when it comes to paying online. What sets this site apart from OLX and the rest is that it is a timed penny auction site. Pretty much, the site is really intended for buyers and the sellers can only post items at the back end, which means you do not have an interface to register. You need to contact the site owners to become a supplier or seller.


Tipidcp is a portal that is dedicated for mobile phones. The homepage of the site is very straightforward. On the left-hand side is a list of products up for grabs. On the right hand side is a list of what buyers are looking for. The site is free to use but requires a payment of PHP500.00 if you want to be a Premiere member, which adds credibility to you as a seller. The site homepage does not show pictures, unlike OLX.


TipidPC is the twin of TipidCP. However, TipidPC allows sellers to post any gadget, unlike TipidCP in which sellers are limited to selling mobile phones. TipidPC has the same interface, rules, and policies and processes as TipidCP.


Facebook is a great alternative to OLX. You do not have to pay a single cent if you want to post your products unless you want to advertise or pay for a promotion. You can upload unlimited photos and you will get organic traffic if your friends or returning customers share your posts. On top of that, you can communicate real time with your potential buyers for any questions they may have.


This site traces its origins to a printed buy and sell format that looks like a tabloid. The site is easy to use and allows sellers to categorize their products and this makes it easy for buyers to look for what they need. The site also offers an affiliate program, unlike OLX, which serves as an avenue for sellers to get their products advertised by bloggers.


Probably the oldest ecommerce site in the world, eBay is one undisputed site. What many sellers dislike about eBay is the fee. eBay charges different types of fees. You have to pay extra for more photos, higher ranking, highlighting of your ads, and more. What make eBay different is that it also offers a secure payment through PayPal and it has Buyer Protection polices and liabilities.

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